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The third full lenght K album, released on september the 16th 2013.
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released September 16, 2013

Written & mixed by Ákos Philipp
Additional vocals: Orsi Komáromi
Additional piano: Dániel Sólyom



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~K~ Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: I
This is what I've been doing: pouring out all that I have. And I want you to know the truth, and I want you to make a decision about your eternity: what story or teaching you will believe.

To forgive is divine, to be bitter is human. We don't know how these men's lives ended up, but I can tell you how it affected my life. I was this young man filled with anger and bitterness. I was sitting along the side of a river, and suddenly all of the hatred and anger in my heart just came up before me. And God told me: forgive your father. I went home and I wrote a letter. I said: Dad, you made a lot of mistakes, but I believe that you love me, and I forgive you and I love you. And I mailed it to my father. The next fifteen years he never mentioned it, but when he passed away my mom asked me to clean out his stuff, and at the top door of his bureau I found this letter. And I asked my mom and said: Did you know about this? She said no. He got the letter, he read it and put it in his dresser, never said anything about it. But it's the only letter he ever kept.

The power of forgiveness, you see, we het addicted to the power of bitterness, the power of anger. But it's only a power of self destruction. The real power is to forgive.
Track Name: II
...hát nem azért, hogy leszokjak megmondom őszintén, hanem azért mert ingyen van, plusz el lehet adni. Amikor az ember elkezd anyagozni akkor azért anyagozik hogy jó legyen, de sok idő után már nem azért anyagozik hogy jó legyen, hanem azért, hogy ne legyen rossz és ez a kettő között iszonyatos nagy különbség van. Én például azért anyagozok, hogy elfelejtsem ezt az egészet, hogy egy nulla vagyok, nem hiányzok senkinek, egyedül vagyok. Ha én meghalnék, nekem a temetésemre senki nem jönne el, észre se vennék hogy nem vagyok itt, érted? Egyedül vagyok, nincs kivel beszélgetni, á kész. Bocs de amúgy... amúgy megtörtem már nagyon keményen.

This is what I've been doing: pouring out all that I have. And I want you to know the truth, and I want you to make a decision about your eternity: what story or teaching you will believe.

Az emberek vevők egyébként az ilyen filmekre, az ilyen izgalmakra, de mi lenne, ha a saját életük saját igazságát keresnék így, ennyire elszántan, mindent megtéve érte?

So as I teach you about heaven and hell, I do so as your pastor, I do so as your friend. And I do so trying to tell you the truth. Trying to tell you the truth, so I wouldn't be a false teacher or a false prophet. And ultimately it's your responsibility to make a decision, and to not make a decision is to in effect make a tragic decision.
Track Name: III
You know I have nothing, nothing left. Not even pictures, not even clothes not even…, and than I wasn’t seeing the kids at all so then I started smoking dope. Meth. Covered the pain you know. At that point I picked up dealing, I found Quay Street, and it was right up my alley for what I needed to do over there you know, so I was there for a long time, and you know got to the point where nothing really happened in that neighbourhood without me. Knowing about her being okay with it. I ran into Bethel, the students were int hat neighbourhood, so I’d be running drugs all day long and most of the night but for good two-three hours I ended up over at the student’s house. There was a… didn’t matter to them, just didn’t matter to them you know what I was doing. They loved me fiercely, real fiercely.

So then I tried to church with them, and actually I couldn’t sit through a worship service without just bowing, I would have to get up and leave. I had lost all hope that nothing was ever gonna change, that I would never have anything again, so I had actually tried to stop doing drugs and I couldn’t do it. But they didn’t condemn me either, they still loved me. It just didn’t matter to them.

I told God you drive, I’ll ride, whatever you say goes. And at that point I gave everything, I gave everything over to Him, I just let Him take control and I asked Jesus just to come just be with me. And within ten minutes I got sober and I never had a withdrawal from any kind of drug. Smoked for 22 years, not even a craving for a cigarette. Now, because our God is a God of restoration and reconciliation, I can see my children whenever I want to, and I actually have a good friendship, me and my ex-wife we have a workable relationship, a talkable relationship. What I want to see is just the most unwanted wanted again. I want to be that fierce to reach out to. To help them really recieve the Father’s love you know. Isaiah 61:7 says that „your shame will be replaced with double portion”, and I experience that on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, if you take one step forward, He’ll come running. So I’m the living proof that the worst of the worst can become the best of the best.

Don’t let „run for your life” to happen to you! Find something that makes you happy! ’Cause everything else is all just background noise.

Szálljon hangunk tömjénfüstként, legyen kedves illatáldozat. Töltse be dicséret szent templomod, Halleluja zengjen mindenhol. Szent vagy, szent vagy Istenünk, Királyunk.