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by ~K~

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released April 24, 2007



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~K~ Budapest, Hungary

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Track Name: The Truth
Sonny Sandoval:
Let God heal you, let God restore you.
God is in control, once, you know that,
Once you let God, just say, hey it’s cool, i’m in control.

Limp Bizkit:
I just wanna
I just wanna look at you all day
there ain't nothin wrong, no
there ain't nothin wrong with that

once you seep in under my skin
there's nothing, there's nothing in this world
that could wash you away
once you seep in under my skin
there's nothing, there's nothing in this world
that could wash you away
Track Name: Testimony
Hi, my name is Noah Bornado, I’m with Rescue Records at the Exodus tour , and before I share a little bit with you,I wanna read something to you guys out of Romans 10:9-10 and it says: that if you confess with your mouth, that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart ,that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved, for it is with your heart that you believe , and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess, and are saved.I want you to think about that, while I share a couple of things with you guys.You know, God really laid it on my heart to talk to you guys about where you are at today.You know an incident just happened here in San Diego at the Saint T high school where a young man by the name of Andy lost it, and unfortunately he took two other youths’ lives, and injured thirteen others, which is a tragedy. And that just goes to show, that you know what, what’s going on with our youth today? What is really happening? And I think that there are so many challenges out there, that you guys are coming up against, that it’s just unreal. Some of you guys are laying in bed thinking you know, what is life really all about? Some of you are strung out on drugs, some of you are hating your parents. Some of you just hate life period. And some of you are just confused, because maybe your parents are divorced, and you’re not really feeling that love. You know, I just wanna share one thing with you guys, and that’s Jesus’ love. You know, he may just be a figment of your imagination, or just a word, the name Jesus. Do you know what, he is for real? 20 years ago he changed my life. He really changed my life. I hated people, I was strung out on drugs. As the matter of fact I even challenged God to come down and face me face to face, so I could challenge him, you know I wanted to fight this God, that everybody was talking about, that he is so good, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs, 'cause I was so tired of life. And I begged him to come down so that I could beat him up, I mean seriously I hated God that much because of where I was at in my life.You know something that God showed me? Now he came down allright and he met me. But not the way that I wanted him to meet me. He met me with his love. He wooed me he brought me he nurtured me to a place, where I could see him and sense him. I can’t really explain it, but Jesus explains it really cool to a man by the name of Nicodemus, who is considered you know he’d be like a council member in today’s society. He was very wise, he knew the law, the land, and he came to Jesus at night, because he was scared, he didn’t want to be seen with Jesus, but he sneaked out of his house and went to talk to Jesus, he said, Jesus how can I get to heaven, or how can anybody get to heaven? And Jesus looked at him with just these incredible loving eyes and said: you must be born again. And Nicodemus I could see Nicodemus he probably said bango yeah right whatever that means, how can I be born again, I’m an old man, and I can’t shove myself back into my mother’s whomb. I can’t , how, I don’t understand Jesus. And Jesus looked at him and I bet with all my heart Jesus had a little smile on his face and said: Nicodemus you are a man of wisdom and knowledge, and yet you don’t understand the things of God. And Jesus began to share with him how you can be born again. Remember that scripture, I read to you in the beginning: If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, than you will be saved? Now that’s, what he meant. You have to ask God to come into your life, come into your heart, and change you. Now, I’m not saying that you know what, you’re gonna you’re gonna ask him to come into your life and things are going to be instant, but I tell you this, I made that challenge at the top of my lungs at three o’clock in the morning walking down on a dark street, and I begged him to show me who he really was, ’cause I was tired of life. And you know what, six months later, -six months-he showed me who he was. And I’m telling you, if I could rip my heart out and put it into your chest and if you could experience the love and the faithfulness of God, you would just explode, because he’s so awsome. He loves you guys, that’s why we put this exodus tour together, so that we can go out and meet you at your playingfield with the alternative music with the rap with the b-boy dancing with with low rider carshow, that’s not what it’s really all about, but you know, what? That’s what you guys can relate to, and we wanna give that to you so that you can just at the same time be entertained, but the most important thing about this cd and the exodus tour is that you come to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. I can sit here and tell you that I have been walking with Jesus since that time, for 20 years today. He changed my life. He’s changed my family’s life, he’s changed my kids’ lives, and everybody that I’ve had an opportunity, and that would give me one second of their time to share how much Jesus loves you, and they allowed him to come into their lives, he has changed their lives. Seriously, I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s for you, and you say: how can I do this? I’m all jacked up I’m strung out I’m a hooker. I’m a drug dealer. I’m this, I’m that, I’m strung out on pornography, I’m strung out on this, I hate my parents, I’m getting ready to kill somebody. How can God love me? He can, and it’s very simple. Just say in your heart right now:Jesus, I confess, that you are Lord, and I confess, that I am a sinner, that I have not been doing things the way you would have done them, the way you would have walked when you were. I want that, I want you in my life Jesus, if you’re for real, come into my life, I invite you to come into my heart today. And take charge of my life! God bless you guys, and I hope I see you at the exodus tour somewhere in your city. I love you guys, and Jesus loves you more than I do. God bless.