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This is what I've been doing: pouring out all that I have. And I want you to know the truth, and I want you to make a decision about your eternity: what story or teaching you will believe.

To forgive is divine, to be bitter is human. We don't know how these men's lives ended up, but I can tell you how it affected my life. I was this young man filled with anger and bitterness. I was sitting along the side of a river, and suddenly all of the hatred and anger in my heart just came up before me. And God told me: forgive your father. I went home and I wrote a letter. I said: Dad, you made a lot of mistakes, but I believe that you love me, and I forgive you and I love you. And I mailed it to my father. The next fifteen years he never mentioned it, but when he passed away my mom asked me to clean out his stuff, and at the top door of his bureau I found this letter. And I asked my mom and said: Did you know about this? She said no. He got the letter, he read it and put it in his dresser, never said anything about it. But it's the only letter he ever kept.

The power of forgiveness, you see, we het addicted to the power of bitterness, the power of anger. But it's only a power of self destruction. The real power is to forgive.


from III, track released September 16, 2013
Written & mixed by Ákos Philipp
Additional vocals: Orsi Komáromi
Additional piano: Dániel Sólyom



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~K~ Budapest, Hungary

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